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About Us

The accessories of my store are aimed at both Latin and American women as I have a great diversity in my accessories, to meet the needs of women who work in office, who attends social events, for the housewife, mother, athlete, worker and anyone who wants to look neat and feminine regardless of their task, since the material that has The name Bisutrendy is a fusion of ¨Bisu¨ which comes from costume jewelry and ¨Trendy¨ English word that when translated into Spanish means trend. It is necessary before continuing to define the word costume jewelry as the set of objects of personal adornment that mimic jewelry, made with non-precious materials, hence the idea of offering earrings or earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces or chains, anklets and more.

For the above mentioned in the description of our name, Bisutrendy tries to be constantly updated with haute couture designers and brands recognized around the world that have been icons for decades of fashion to know a little of the trend in terms of colors and accessories of the moment and thus be able to be at the forefront.

Our Story

Bisutrendy was born in July 2021 by the desire to do something that I have always been passionate about as are the sales of products aimed primarily at women because it has allowed me to meet, learn and help other girls, mentioning that in my country I did it for many years, being paused when I arrived in the United States to focus on establishing, adapt and devote myself to the family and raising my children.

After 5 years the need to reinvent myself and do something by my own means without being absent at home arises and that is when I decide to start selling wholesale and retail stainless steel accessories (material that is of high quality and is not easily found in the country), also offering an advisory service to help every woman to feel more beautiful and confident enhancing any outfit you want to wear in company with our products. But at the same time it awakens my desire to inspire and help those women who also want to start their own business by offering my products to wholesalers.

In March 2022 I joined the Latin American Association, an organization that has been a great help to my business, for all the knowledge and tools they have given me. After my Avanzando Juntas course I decided to formally register my business and since then I have not stopped participating in training events, networking and both Latin American and American vendors events.

"Our garments are made of stainless steel, resistant to water, sweat, perfume and are hypoallergenic."

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